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Rolling Meadows is located in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Gainesville, Ga approximately 60 miles NE of Atlanta, Ga. We're only 8 miles off I-985 and very easy to find.

We Purchased our first goats in the early 90ís, which were six of undetermined breed solely for weed control. Then we purchased some Cashmere and crossed them with a fullblood Boer buck and used this as a learning experience. Later we sold those and purchased 45 fullblood Boers using an Eggsfile buck and a son of Tobias for our breeding continuously adding other sires and bloodlines.

Upon reading an article, we discovered there was a goat called "KIKO" and if the information was true of the unheard of breed I wanted to try it. I called the American Kiko Goat Association and asked for material on the breed. Three months later, after calling various  breeders from the list supplied by the AKGA, I finally found someone who would let me look at his Kikos,  J. T. Farms. I was able to purchase 6 does and one buck. I would have been happy to have purchased more but at that time, those were all he would sell.


As time went on, we observed the characteristics of the "New Found Breed" we had discovered were all true. At that time, all Kikos were purebred. Later on the 100% NZ designation came about and we were lucky enough to have already had some in our original purchase. We added a NZ buck to our herd, Zorro 11, son of the original imported Zorro. Later I went with another breeder and purchased Nick (son of Moneymaker).


We believe very strongly in "all natural breeding" as nature intended, and the kids to have the advantage of being reared by their own kind. Thus, passing on the mothering ability the Kiko does do so well in rearing their offspring. Weather permitting, we kid outside, but try to use common sense and realize the kid on the ground leaving a nice warm environment of 104 degrees hitting the frozen ground is not good. Even a roast will freeze if left out in that extreme temperature, so why should a newborn be expected not to freeze the same as a roast? We have also found kids are not born with the ability to swim either as last January was a prime example.


In our breeding program we have bred all the different bloodlines to see which were the best and cannot truthfully say one bloodline is any better than the other. But we try to match the trait we want from each bloodline together to produce the best possible offspring.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the Kiko with each breeding and offer our customers  the "the best of the best" genetics in the Kiko breed.
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